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Where's Computer Care?

    Through the use of Amateur Radio and the Automatic Position Recording System (APRS), you can now find where I am at any given moment. By clicking the link and scrolling down the page, you will be shown the detail for where Computer Care is located.

If we're on the way to your location, sitting in the street, still at the last customer stop, or next door. The maps will show you.

Click on:

APRS works by linking a GPS (Global Positioning Satellite receiver) and small interface box and an amateur (ham) radio. As the GPS gathers information, it sends that data thru the interface box, and then to the radio where it is transmitted on 144.39 Mhz. There are APRS repeaters which pick up the signals and transfer them to the Internet or other APRS repeaters. This is just the basics of how it works.

APRS can be used for many things such as tracking a vehicle location. Why would you want to do this? One example is a portable APRS station could help search and rescue teams coordinate their searches. Another could be placing one at the end of a bicycle race to track where the very end of the race is, or the beginning. Or to track where your local computer service person is (me). And many other uses.

To find out more on APRS and Amateur Radio, click the links below: APRS:
  1. Amateur Radio:
  2. My local club:
  3. APRS technical info:

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